Our Team at Ensley Orthodontics

When you come in and meet our team at Ensley Orthodontics you’ll be surprised because here, it feels like you know everyone. You’re already part of the family. We want this to be a welcoming place where you’ll receive great service and walk out smiling – the best smile you could ever have.
Find out more about Dr. Kevin Ensley and find out about his goals, motivations and education by clicking on his picture. Then come in and meet him and the rest of the team to understand the difference Ensley Orthodontics can make in your life. Read more >> 



Kelly Nielsen


The Keeper of the Chronicles started working with Ensley Orthodontics in 1994. She loves being part of the process every day because orthodontics change people’s lives. “Smiles are the first thing people notice.” She retired, but was lured back to fill in for a maternity leave … and then couldn’t bear to leave again!


Patty Viskov

Plaster Master

Patty doesn’t just have a knack for hand-crafting great retainers in the in-house lab, she’s been committed to the art of appliances for 38 years! When she’s not working in her garden growing vegetables and flowers with her English Setter, Dixie, she enjoys spending time wih her husband racing vintage cars.


Jareen Lyda

Etcetera Specialist

Jareen keeps the books, manages outside marketing, new patient scheduling, sterlizing, office shopping…the office would collapse without her! Jareen is never without a smile, and feels lucky that she gets to know all of the patients and their families, as well as her awesome coworkers!



Brittany Fager

Conductor of Schedules

If you’ve ever seen a music conductor, you know they’ve always got their hands moving and are aware of all the parts that build into a symphony. She loves coordinating the efforts that help patients transform – especially since her orthodontic care as a teenager was done by Dr. Ensley. She has literally seen every part of the process and feels it’s a blessing to work with him and the rest of the team!


Sofia Schildt

Smile Shaper

Since 2013, Sofia has been part of the great team at Ensley Orthodontics, and it’s a testament to how much fun she is when she runs into younger patients at the store they say ‘Hi!’ and ask if she remembers them from the office – she wants every patient to feel comfortable and happy with their orthodontic treatment! Sofia’s not-so-secret addiction is chocolate – she swears she could never give it up!


Terrie Johansen

Dir. of Dollars and $ense

Terrie loves that patients are the focus at Ensley Orthodontics. It makes her day when patients tell her “You guys have the best treasure box ever!” When she’s not keeping the columns balanced, she enjoys spending time with her active family as well as cooking and reading. Did you know she is the Hoola Hoop runner up for the City of Portland?


Christine Eichhorn

Mouth Mechanic

Just because you’re in and out of the office quicker than you can blink doesn’t mean Christine isn’t amazing at what she does! She wants you to feel as comfortable at your appointment as possible – and the most comfort is the adjustment you barely felt! She’s a self-proclaimed tree-hugger (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!) and loves outdoor activities!


Jennifer Peterson

Diva of Details

Professionally passionate about detail and organization, Jennifer is also Johnny on the Spot at Ensley Orthodontics. She’s funny, helpful and genuinely enjoys building relationships with her coworkers and patients.  Seeing the before and after transformation of her patients is always an inspiration and a joy.


Lauren Johansen

Lauren knows what it’s like to have braces since she had them for a total of five years! Her infectious smile and quick wit mean she definitely has the right job as the treatment coordinator at Ensley – she loves making people smile! Be sure to ask her who she’d most enjoy getting stranded on a deserted island with!