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Braces Off - Now Retainers

Clear Retainer

Clear Retainer

Hawley Retainer

Hawley Retainer

Lower Bonded Retainer

Lower Bonded Retainer

Congratulations! Your active treatment is over!

Now you begin your Retention Phase

Wear your retainers 12 hours per day for 6 months, then 8 hours every night thereafter

  • After 2 years, your retainers should be worn a few times a week to maintain alignment

  • Remove them to eat or drink anything other than water

  • Use your fingers to push the retainers into place - do not bite them into place

  • When taking out your retainers, remove them by pulling with even pressure from the furthest back tooth on both sides - do not pull from the front

  • Rinse your retainers with water every time you remove them. Use a soft toothbrush but not toothpaste - it is too abrasive

  • Do not use hot water or expose them to any heat as it may change their shape

  • Bonded retainers should be flossed daily

  • If your retainers are not in your face - they are in the case!! They are easy to loose and pets love them - they smell like you!

  • Let us know as soon as possible if your retainers do not fit properly, become lost or broken.